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Topics: Windows Mobile, Smartphone, HTC Dream Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Executive summary
Below report first introduce the history of HTC corp. HTC was found in 1997. After around 13 years’ development, HTC has become the key player in the smartphone market. Even HTC was very successful in the past, but to have the clear understanding of HTC. The report uses the SWOT method to analyze HTC from different perspectives. Then it identifies some issue for HTC both from inside and outside. Based on the identified the issued, I propose some action to improve the situation or solve the problem for HTC for the further development.

HTC Corp. now has become the one of the most successful mobile device companies in the world. It was founded in May 1997. And the company vision was generated just by chance: one day, Cher Wang recognized that “as a woman, it is very important that you carry thing light, everything has to be put inside the device.” Then in HTC’s developed history, it mainly focused on developing a small, handheld, computer-like device. It started with two distinct segments: an ODM business what means that HTC manufacture electronic devices for other companies without HTC’s brand, and its own mobile operator business. And according to HTC’s own forecast there will be no ODM business in HTC from 2010, what shows that HTC will become a pure own branded phone maker in the market.

SWOT analysis
First of all, HTC had a stable profit level from the running business. According to HTC’s financial information, it gross margin increased from 18% in 2004 to 33% in 2008, when its major competitor Acer, BenQ in Taiwan have critical financial problem. Even compared to the global competitors, for example Nokia, Samsung, Palm, HTC has increasing operating margins. Secondly, as a successful ODM, HTC build-up a good R&D team for hardware development, what could support HTC to develop the new modules in a quick and effective way. Thirdly, HTC’s first...
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