Libyan Publics Services

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Does Libya need to create a change in the management of public services ? During 42 years Libya has lost a lot of tangible and untangible things ,such as constitution ,government organizations and something ,which are very important, it is called management . However , to answer the above question , it is better to have a historical overview about the creation of Public service in Libya

Libyan Kingdom 1951 to 1969
During the period from 1951 to 1969 Libya could establish a good Public Service deliver essential services to Libyan People such as Health, Education, Security, Transportation, Communication etc The public service it was owned by government and also supported by private sector, which was taking part and sharing in this process by 20 % especially in education and health and transportation and this percentage was increasing from year to year and made good progress. Moreover United Nations ,United Kingdom ,USA ,France has made contribution in supporting the public services especially before the discovering of oil

Libya after the military cop of 1969
During the 42 years the public service has deteriorated from bad to worst because of the following :- 1- the cancellation of the Libyan constitution which was established by Libyan people and the help of United Nation. 2-The changes ( Green Book ) which made by Gaddafi to the Libyan political ,economy, social system. 3-cancellation or reduce the amount of money which specialized to support Libyan Develop plans and transfer all these budgets to support terrorism . 4- Corruption has increased in all sectors of government and bribe and commission has become very normal in Libya during this 42 period.

All above reasons and others has contribute in the destroy of the management of Libyan organizations which was lead the Libyan Public services.

Health Sector.
The health sector completely collapse and most of the Libyan begin travel to Egypt ,Tunisia...
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