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This is certify that, ‘GROUP’ has completed the report


As a part of their partial fulfillment for the subject
“presentation & communication technique” of Second year
B.Sc.IT during academic year 2009 – 2010. Group
members are as follows.




The enduring pages of the work are the cumulative
sequence of extensive guidance and arduous work. I wish
to acknowledge and express my personal gratitude to all
those without whom this project could not have been
I would like to give my sincere thanks to Miss Anuja mam
for spending her precious time with me to clarify my
doubts regarding project.
At last I would like to thanks all those who have
directly or indirectly helped and cooperated in
accomplishing this Project.

Project is a special significance for an IT student; it has a special role too. He learns to tackle different problems that strike while developing any computer application.
He gets an opportunity to explore and use various
functions available and some more really powerful features
of the language.
I made a project on the LIBRARY MANAGEMENT
SYSTEM, which is an attempt to automate the existing
library. This project enables its user to perform all the
operations regarding a library. The project enables the user to make entry of a new book, deleting the record of a book
from the library, issuing a book to a member, making entry
of a new member, deleting the record of a member from
the library etc.
This project also enables the user to search for any
information that the user wants. The user can using this
project find out details of all the books present in the
library, members of the library, books which are issued to
a member, number of copies present of a book etc.

 Objective of the Project
 Scope Of the project
o Application Area
o Systems/Subsystems Included
o End Users

 Methodology
 Feasibility Analysis
 Brief Introduction of the Current System and its
 Performance of the Proposed System
 Alternative Solution
 Cost Benefit Analysis

 Automation Boundary

A. Conclusion
B. Bibliography

Objective of the project
With the growing Information Technology industry, automation of their system and management is desired by all kind of commercial enterprises. As the name suggest library management system will deal in all the requirements needed for managing libraries. It will deal with the process of maintaining data about the books and many other things as well as transactions which are taking place in the library with respect to the issue and return of the books.

Library Management System maintains the record of Books in the library, issue and return process of the books in the library. Here we are primarily concerned with management of books of library. In this project we identify the need for computer based Library Management system.

Hence this project covers the following issues:
 Maintains data about the books of the library.
 Arranging data in logical order for easy maintenance.

Collection of data about books which are issued.

 Collection of data about books which are returned.

Data of fine on the members for late return of books, damage of books etc..

 Data about Books which are lost.
 Generation of various reports according to the management request.

Scope of the project
Application area :
The main objective of the project is to keep the information of Books such as Title of the book, Name of the Book, Author of the book. It also keeps information of the transaction such as issue and return of the books, fine information on the members etc….

The project also generate various reports such as...

Bibliography: Books :
The C++ Programming Language-(Bjarne Stroustrup)
 Software Engineering-(Ian Sommerville)
 Beez’s Guide to Programming

Websites :
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