Liberal And Marxist Feminist Analysis

Topics: Gender, Feminism, Woman, Gender role, Sociology, Marriage / Pages: 3 (544 words) / Published: Nov 11th, 2015
I will draw from the essay that the Liberal theory taken from "The Declaration of Sentiments" by Elizabeth Stanton demonstrates a theoretical conclusion of oppression. I will argue rather than that of “The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State” written by Friedrich Engels, the Marxist theory fell short of offering a theoretical explanation because Engels’ prescribes for abolishment of property rights and inheritance but does not include ethnic factors in order to show a useful way to understanding women’s oppression from male domination. …show more content…
By believing that government involvement was crucial for handling social issues. They also understood that community effort was also needed in order for awareness. They would form organizations, take part in rallies, protest and also hold meetings. Yet Liberal Feminist Stanton used political logic and examples to relate to citizens. The Declaration of Sentiment was one of the first writings that paved the way for feminist theory.
The difference between Liberal and Marx Feminist is their analysis on patriarchy. Marxist Feminist were a set of advocates with different beliefs of women’s oppression. They believed that the structure of social class and hierarchies caused oppression. The idea that men produced and contributed goods of value to society as women did not. Which was the primary reason for the inequality of

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