LGBT Community in Society

Topics: Transgender, LGBT, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (965 words) Published: September 28, 2015
Sarah Santiago
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In this generation people should be more accepting, understanding and more supporting of the LGBT community, we’re not aliens and we’re not completely different. We are who we are and we’re going to be in this world as long as anyone else is. Time passes, development begins; “sugar, spice and everything nice” is all I hear. “No, wait”, I say to the ultrasound tech. “You’re wrong! It's snips, snails and puppy dog tails.” Mom’s water breaks, and here I come ready to experience this thing called a marvelous life. Rosy cheeks, a silent cry, then the announcement, "It's a girl", emerges out of the nurse’s mouth. “You're wrong,” I scream. “I'm a boy.” As time passes all I hear is, stop acting like, stop dressing like, and play with those dolls. When in reality I'm not acting like or dressing like, I'm just being me. Growing up for me was a bit tough, at first I had an ongoing war with myself because I was so confused; “Is this right? Am I going to hell for this?” I always questioned myself. When I finally made it to high school unlike other teens it was pretty easy for me to come out in school, but at home it was more complex. My mom was hurt and she kind of pushed me away, but I didn’t want to be like those other teens who have horrible relationships with their parents because of their preference in sex. I stood up for myself and I told her that I didn’t ask to be this way, this is just who I am. It's not the latest trend, it started at birth but the choice wasn't mine, my outer image was designed for me but my inner spirit no one can see. Life is a choice and I choose to live and be me. Even despite what society says, thinks and naturally sees. This is more for the transgender community but we surely don’t differ from each other.

Blake Brockington was a young activist that was brave enough to come out to family and friends at a young age about being Trans. "I've lost a...
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