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Letter to Brazilian Consulate

By jonah2202 May 04, 2013 423 Words
189 Milner RoadClaremontCape Town7708South Africa22 February 2013

Brazilian Consulate 2nd Floor, Triangle House
22 Riebeek Street
P O Box 7958
Cape Town
South Africa

Dear Débora Vainer Barenboim, Consulate General.

R.E: The Building of the Belo Monte Dam

I am a firm believer that the conservation and preservation of natural vegetation is crucial and I strongly oppose the construction of the Belo Monte Dam. I’m fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this project but I fear impact of the construction of this Hydro-Electric Dam may bear more negatives than positives.

The Amazon Rainforest is revered as the greatest forest in the world with it covering approximately 1.4 billion acres. Since 1991 the deforestation of the Amazon has risen by 587, 00 square kilometers and continues to rise. The construction of Belo Monte Dam will only lead to further destruction of vegetation and damage for the environment. I am sure the Economic advantages are enticing as it will increase the job creation, as well as with the new capabilities to store enormous amount electricity, it will be able to supply more electricity throughout Brazil. This is sure to better the Brazilian economy, but the question remains, at what cost are you willing to allow for the Brazilian economy to strengthen at the expense of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest and the Indigenous Tribes who live amongst that specific region. It will force the tribes to move away from their ancestral land that has stood for hundreds of years.

A Quote from the Brazilian President in her Inauguration Speech to Brazil, “Giving value to regional development is also imperative in a country of continental dimensions. We must sustain the vibrant economy of the North-East; preserve, respect and develop the biodiversity of Amazonia in the North; and provide conditions for the extraordinary agricultural production of the Middle-West.” With all do respect, if the Lady President were in so much support in the preservation of the Amazon, why would she be willing to cause more destruction in the Amazon in order to strengthen their economy as opposed to saving the Environment.

The President of Brazil made it clear in her Inauguration Speech that she would run a fair modern democracy so that equality spreads deeper within the roots of Brazil, by respecting the Indigenous People and Tribes that have stood for centuries before Industrialization. The construction of the Belo Monte Dam is only cutting away the remains of Brazils great heritage.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonah Sonday

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