Economic Concern in South America

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Economic Concern in South America
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I am an employee of the World Bank. I was recently asked to conduct some research of an economic concern in a country in South America. After narrowing down my choices, I decided to take a closer look at Brazil. As a part of my research, I will be looking at their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). During this time, I will specifically be looking for relationship between their GDP and their economy as well as searching for any trends in the data.

Economic Concern in South America
As an employee of the World Bank there is some much information that I must know about the different economies in the world. Today, I will be researching the economy of Brazil. I will be researching its GDP and looking at the relationship between their GDP and their economy. Along the lines I will be carefully looking for any trends in the data and supporting them with statistical data. Brazil is the largest country in South America and is the fifth-most populated nation in the world. Brazil also has the seventh-largest economy in the world. The gross domestic product value of Brazil represents 3.93% of the world economy. In 2010, Brazil’s gross domestic product was at an estimated $2.090 trillion and their per capita was at $10,816. In 2012 their gross domestic product was worth 2435.20 billion US dollars. Brazil's gross domestic product expanded 5.0% year-on-year in the fourth quarter, down from growth of 6.7% in the third quarter and a peak of 8.8% in the second quarter [Fick, J. (2011, March 3)].Their mixed economy and abundance amount of natural resources help contribute to the country’s gross domestic product. Over 30% of the GDP is accounted by steel, computers, aircraft, petrochemicals, and manufacturing automobiles. Brazil is considered to be a middle class consumer driven economy. Brazil was a country once known its...

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