Letter from the Coffin Trenches

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In the novel “Letter from the coffin-trenches”, written by Ken Catran, is about a young lad participating in the army to fight for his country and also writing to his girlfriend for communication. So whenever he is away they won’t lose their bond. One of the characters that I like in the novel is Harry Wainright and he is the youthful guy among the soldiers. He is the bravest man that they’ve had in the team as well. I like him because of his characteristic of heroism, by showing us his courageous battle against the Turks and how he takes over the Turk’s territory together with his comrades as fast as they can to achieve it. Another one of his trait is love, love is blind and it can never be destroyed. Harry expressed his love to Jessica, whenever they held hands together, write letters to both of them, exchange photograph and how Harry, kissed Jessica on the cheek when one of them departing. An incident that I like the most is when Harry and Jessica is about to meet each other at the station. Jessica kept on waiting for the train, until not so long, the train arrived and a massive soldiers swarming all over the place. Then Harry spotted Jessica, words cannot express what they felt. It’s so tender when they met at the station and they’ve had a lot of fun when their together. I also like and hated some of the moment when it is Harry’s last mission, when they shouldn’t ambush the enemy at night, but Rupert Creel insist to do so. I mean Harry was just following orders from the Captain and this Creel disobeyed it, so they started moving. The enemy knows that their shifting, until Harry was the last one to get out of the trench. Then, ‘bang’, he got shot at the back and Hooter grabs his hand to hold him. It was so sad at the end of the story. I think this novel is worth reading for teenagers, because it made us feel like what these two lovers had endured during the war. Harry Wainright fought hard. Unfortunately, he died in the end. What do war benefits us? War...
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