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Water Pollution
(all these facts come from the website
Grinning Planet at http://www.grinningplanet.com/2005/07-26/water-pollution-factsarticle.htm) What are the water sources that we are concerned about in Gary?
We get our drinking water from
Lake Michigan
Well water comes from groundwater All Gary residents drink city water which comes from Lake Michigan.
Our health is affected by water quality in many ways besides drinking water: Swimming
Water sports and recreation

What is Water Pollution?

Water pollution is the contamination of any body of water by any toxic substance in a toxic amount that affects the biological or chemical integrity of the water, or causes harm to plants, animals, or humans who come in contact with it.


Different kinds of water pollution include:

Chemical and industrial processes
Pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides
Sewage – e.coli, and other organisms
Oil, gasoline and additives
Personal Care Products, Household Cleaning Products, and Pharmaceuticals
Carbon dioxide
Medical waste
Air pollution

The EPA divides water pollution into two categories depending on its origin:
– POINT source pollution comes from harmful substances being discharged directly into the water from a stationary source such as industrial discharge pipes, sewage treatment plants, and ships.
– NON-POINT source pollution is the indirect delivery of harmful substances into the water body through ways such as road and parking lot runoff of salt and deicers, agricultural runoff such as fertilizers and animal waste, air deposition, and mining activities.

How Does Water Pollution Affect
from the website, GRINNING PLANET*
Untreated sewage, poorly treated sewage, or overflow from under-capacity sewage treatment facilities can send diseasebearing

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