Topics: Relational model, Database, SQL Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: April 7, 2014
Kheng Horng Gan Edwin
IS-240.009, Disc6

Questions 2 – Evaluate the advantages of the relational database model

A relational database model has many advantages such as increase flexibility, increase information security, increase scalability and performance, increase information integrity (quality), and reduce information redundancy.

Firstly, most of the companies use database because it can handle changes easily and quickly. There are two views used to understand the flexible database user view which are, physical view and logical view. Physical view of information is dealing with physical storage of information like hard disk. Logical view of information is to focus how users access their information. Both of the views allow user to access their database differently. For example, managers from different department in Earth Bag Company can have access to the same database information that significantly reduces their time spent waiting. Besides that, managers can also ask queries and get immediate information at a given time.

Secondly, the advantage of relational database is increase information security. All the information in the organization is their asset. There are many features to help increase the security such as password, access level and access control. Passwords will authenticate the user who wants to access the system. For example, Earth Bag’s manager sets a password on his computer system to increase the security. Besides that, managers can set different access levels so others users can only see the information that is related to their jobs. Then, control level shows type of entry he or she has to information.

Next, relational database also increase scalability and performance. It could use to handle a huge volume of information. Scalability means how system helps to increase the demands and performance is to measure the speed of a system to make a transaction. Earth Bag’s worker can easily locate and extract the information...
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