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R.G. LeTourneau-“God’s Business Man”

R.G. LeTourneau-“God’s Business Man”
A successful Christian business man may sound like an oxymoron, but that was R.G LeTourneau. He built big, powerful machinery that could do things that no other machine could do before, but he also believes that a Christian business man owes as much to God as a preacher does (LeTourneau, 1967). Mr. LeTourneau states, “God needs businessmen as partners as well as preachers” (1967). Imagine a man becoming a very successful Christian business man, the founder of LeTourneau University, and a leader of many missionary works. The proceeding essay will discuss the man, his faith, and my personal reflection of R.G. LeTourneau. R.G. LeTourneau-The Man- Robert Gilmour LeTourneau (November 30, 1888 – June 1, 1969) was born in Richford, Vermont. R.G. Letourneau had little interest in a formal education, and left school at the young age of fourteen. While working in Portland, Organ at the East Portland Iron Works, as a machinist, he studied mechanics from an International Correspondence School, but never finished. Although he did not earn a formal education he did become famously know for earthmoving machinery, which he was granted hundreds of patents for his inventions. The bulldozer, bridge spans, scrapers of all sorts, rollers, dump wagons, the electric wheel, logging equipment, portable cranes, and many others are examples of his revolutionary inventions. R.G. LeTourneau always had a positive attitude, and did not quit when he faced problems. He prayed about the issues, reviewed them, and continued to work hard until he resolved the problems. R.G. LeTourneau once said “The only difference between can and can’t is a little extra effort” (1967). R.G. LeTourneau- His Faith-Mr. LeTourneau was also known to be a Christian business man that was very generous. He was the founder of a private Christian university, LeTourneau University, in Longview, Texas as well as a philanthropist to many Christian...

References: LeTourneau, R.G. (1967). Mover of Men and Mountains, Chicago, IL: Moody Press
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