lethel injection

Topics: Death Penalty, Lethal injection, Hanging Pages: 1 (545 words) Published: November 3, 2014

For the Increasing of Lethal Injection
Kyle Pursley
English 1112, Section 1437
Dr. Michael Henry
09 October, 2014
Pursley i
Thesis: The use of capital punishment (lethal injection) as a ruling from a judge should be increased for criminal Punishment. Those who argue that capital punishment (lethal injection) should be embraced for criminal punishment Supporters believe that the expense to society is much lower than that of life in prison. Supporters believe that DNA testing and other methods of modern crime scene science can now effectively eliminate almost all uncertainty as to a person's guilt or innocence. Supporters believe prisoner parole or escapes can give criminals another chance to kill. Supporters the death penalty gives closure to the victim's families. Those who oppose capital punishment (lethal injection) believe that it should not be used as a punishment for criminals. Opponents believe it is barbaric and violates the "cruel and unusual" clause in the Bill of Rights Oppose believe it sends the wrong message: why kill people who kill people to show killing is wrong. Believe life in prison is a worse punishment and a more effective deterrent. Oppose believe the possibility exists that innocent men and women may be put to death. Conclusion: Despite the numerous attempts to abolish capital punishment (lethal injection) as a form as punishment to criminals, will continue to be used as such and potentially for years to come as society argues its pros and cons to find a solution. Pursley1

Capital punishment (death penalty) is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The judicial decree that someone be punished in this manner is a death sentence, while the actual enforcement is an execution (Wiki). Lethal injection is the practice of injecting a person with a fatal dose of drugs (typically a barbiturate, paralytic, and potassium solution) for the express purpose of causing...
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