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Let Them Eat Dog

By rdebecq Nov 25, 2010 379 Words
Romain debecq

Dogs as always been names as the man’s best friend. This link is made with several factors applicable to various persons throughout a life. Humans being from american and occident are ‘’format’’ in order not to eat dog. Firs of all, despite all the affection a dog can bring it is very usefull. In facts dogs are been use In several aera in order to simplify human’s life. They are use in the police to search drug, in Antartic to pull a sleight and even to help blind people in their daily life. We can see that dogs are helpful in various domain. Moreover, dogs are being personify by some. We can state the old person who live alone with their dogs which they treat them as a human being for example. In that specific situation, eating dogs is inconceivable and would be like eating a friend. Some pieces of our culture shows the attachment we have for dog. In French for example, we don’t name a dog in the grammar as if it was a animal but we name it as a person with the same pronoun. We do not use ‘’it’’ but all of the other persons. Dogs became with time a part of our life, which give us souvenirs. A lot of race are not consider as dangerous. This is why since chilhood, people are used to play with dogs. In that way they consider more likely dogs as a ‘’friend’’ more than food. We can see that starting from the childhood, people lead to appreciate dogs. Eating dogs or not is all about the culture. As far as Im concerned, I remember seeing dogs locked in small cages in Indonesia in front of people’s house in the street. Indonesians do not have the same conceptions as we do, this is why they treat them badly and sometimes eat them . It’s like eating cows for the Indians or eating frogs, snails and horses for the French. It’s all about cluture. In his essay, foer try to make us react about something inconceivable. Even if doing so in some countries would be beneficial, people have a greater added value by not eating them and keeping hem as companions.

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