Lesson Plan Teaching Listening

Topics: Noun, Value, Reference Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: January 3, 2015
Lesson Plan
I. Objectives
a. Pupils will define noun; listen and predict the story and become verbally proficient that can contribute to a pupil’s ability to resolve interpersonal conflict nonviolently. b. Pupils will identify nouns; construct sentences and storytelling while developing their imagination that can empower pupils to consider new and inventive ideas. c. Pupils will differentiate common nouns from proper nouns and while listening to the story pupils will differentiate good and bad values then construct personal values by imagining situations in which the outcome of both wise and unwise actions and decisions can be seen.

II. Subject Matter
a. Topic : Nouns
b. Reference : Better English
c. Instructional Materials : Pictures, Cartolina

III. Lesson Proper
a. Pre-listening
1. Teacher will post pictures for pupils to predict
2. Teacher will vocabulary words for better understanding to the story b. While Listening
1. Teacher will discuss about nouns and the kinds of nouns
2. Teacher will then read a story to the pupils while the pupils are listening and listing all the proper noun and common they will hear in the story c. Post-listening
1. Teacher will then ask the pupils what they have learned about the story. 2. Teacher will then ask pupils to make sentences out of the nouns they have listed

IV. Value Integration
1. The story talks about honesty and greediness. By this, pupils will be able to identify more nouns by listening to the story and at the same time value of being honest to yourself, to people around you and to God.

V. Assignment
Make a short paragraph telling about you. Then underline the proper nouns and encircle the common nouns.
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