Leo’s Four-Plex Theater

Topics: Ethics, Tendency, Mathematics Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Question 1
The theater’s control system is lacking where there is no seating number assigned. This problem may cause unorganized seating arrangement. Besides, the color indicator is not suitable to determine the title of movie. It would cause confusion to the cashier. The cashier may confuse the title of the movie with the color and will give wrong ticket to customer. As a result, the customer will assume the cashier give the right ticket. There is also no monitoring system for the cashier. Because of lack of discipline the cashier tends to steal the money. Other than that, the cashier probably careless in calculate the change by giving wrong amount of money to the customer. In addition, there is no observation on the sale at the refreshment stand. Furthermore, because of the stand’s attendance is young and no monitoring system, they tend to behave unethical by not collect the cash from the customer that they known. Moreover, the current system of single customer entry is not suitable to apply for all four screen theatre. It creates difficulty to the ticket collector to count the customer entering and leaving the theater. This problem also may cause the ticket collector to make mistake by putting the ticket in the wrong stub box. Next, the ticket collector also not fully check the ticket before allow the customer enter to the theater. For the free theater passes, there is tendency for the customer to duplicate the ticket. Based on the problems that the theater faces, we conclude that most of them occurred because the control system they use is weak. However, there are some problem happened because lack of discipline. Question 2

The company can apply some control system that not too costly to implement and at the same time it effective. The first control system that Leo’s Four-Plex should improve is the ticket should be stated with the seat number, the title of the movie and room theater number. So that it will give more convenience to the customer for...
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