Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: August 25, 2013
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Same Sex Marriage Should it be
Yetta Woolridge
Instructor: David Strand
Class: SOC 120
November 20, 2011

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There are many states nationwide including New York which has just voted for gay rights for same sex marriages to become legal and has been recognized as a civil right issue. Most marriages are normal between man and woman but since then it has been becoming an abnormal situation between same-sex marriages and it has become an epic dermic in everyday life. Since this has happened it has cause conflicts and has arisen over whether same sex couples should be allowed to enter into marriage. Or should same sex couples be required to use civil unions, which either grants them equal rights as a marriage couples which is not normal but normal for regular couples.

One argument in support of same-sex marriage is that denying same-sex couples legal access to marriage and its entire attendant benefits and was represent with discrimination based on sexual orientation. With this many Americans agree with this decision and they also agree that same sex couples should not bring children into this because as the children grow up they would be subjected to this crazy why of looking at life as normal when it is not normal. I feel sorry for the children who have no choice in the matter but have to endure something they never ask for. But there are some individuals who support same-sex couples to raise children they give them financial and psychological and physical well-being are enhanced by marriage they feel that the children would be benefit from being raised by two parents of the same sex within the a legally recognized union by society’s institutions (Abraham, Julie 2007). Other arguments for same-sex marriage are based upon what is regarded as a health issue it has become a universal right issue and it has a mental and physical health problem because same sex couples practice unclean sex that is not normal it...

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