Legalizing Marijuana

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. New York child welfare feels that if a parent caught on these offenses, there may be other problems that could stop them for Legalizing Marijuana
Shirley Whitley
David Jung
September 15, 2012

Legalize Marijuana 1

When you think about legalizing marijuana, what comes to your mind first? The benefits it would have on legalizing marijuana. Everywhere you go someone is debating whether we should or should not legalize marijuana. There’s a lot of good in this plant. Having an open mind, there is advantages and disadvantages that it can have for this country. There is medicinal marijuana, relativism and financially, agriculture, utilitarian. I will express myself how it can benefit everybody if marijuana was to be legalized. This is a universal plant.

Marijuana can be used to treat different illnesses. This universal plant can treat constipation, female weakness, gout, malaria, rheumatism and absent mindedness, this is just a few names according to Bloomquist. Different countries used it to treat hydrophobia, delirium, and skin disease, protracted labor during child birth, asthma, hay fever, and cholera. (Bloomquist, 1968) According to Rae Uddin it is beneficial the medical marijuana can improve patient’s way of life. It is highly challenged when it comes to the beneficial uses of medicinal marijuana. There are 14 states that have enacted laws to protect the rights of some patients to use medical marijuana. There is a study that was published in February in a 2009 journal, the patients that experienced neuropathic pain and they were given medical marijuana, they dropped at least 30 percent less pain. Therefore when you have cancer, it decreases your appetite, so therefore cancer patients lose weight drastically. The recovery progress can be detrimental because the human body requires energy to digest our food to fight off infections, cells and tissue needs to heal, medical marijuana can be there for these millions of people. Medical marijuana can signal a Legalizing Marijuana 2

Food craving within the patient’s body in hope; it will inspire the patient to eat so its body can produce energy for the body. (Uddin, 2011)
On how we treat certain diseases the patient may experience some side effects, such as nausea or vomiting. The active ingredient in marijuana is THC decreases the symptoms. Finding a solution such as marijuana that can provide relief, why not use it? It still improves the quality of life. When the body consumes the chemical properties of marijuana a relaxing feeling takes over the patient’s body. It also helps relaxing muscles within the body. A patient who has Parkinson disease, muscle, tension, arthritis or aches and pain, the treatment of medical marijuana has the ability to move normal encouraging a more quality of life. (Uddin, 2011)

Think about all the patients that this universal plant can help. It has low potential for dependency. Think about it, you cannot have an overdose, unlike some of the pain killers or prescription drugs. The most that can happen from smoking marijuana is coughing, wheezing and bronchitis; side effects are easily contained just by using a vaporizer. What is rhetoric about? It is about saving lives (Stone, 2010).It is a large debate in the United States over legalizing marijuana. There are different people that have many views on legalizing marijuana. When you look at all the prescription drugs they are not equal. Marijuana has no harmful effects; it’s still used in the medical field today. There is no chemical dependency in marijuana. Like it or not marijuana have some good qualities. Think about it, it is legal to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes in which it is very addictive, very much harmful to your body. So what’s the rhetoric about legalizing marijuana? This natural plant has been used to make medicine for centuries, yet

Legalizing Marijuana 3
We still pay for high medication. I’d rather not go into all the...

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