Left and Right Brain Methods

Topics: Problem solving, Lateralization of brain function, Management Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Left and Right Brain Methods
William Cohen (2008) discusses in his book “A Class with Drucker: The Lost lessons of the World’s Greatest Management Teacher”, looks at two approaches to problem solving: one is the right brain solution and the other is left brain solution. Each side processes information differently than the other even though both sides begin to solve a managerial problem with the assumption of ignorance (63). The two approaches that Cohen speaks about is the Left-Brain method that handles organization and logic and the Right-Brain that are dependent on more creativity and emotion (63). Some of the characteristics which could be considered our personality trait help us to approach managerial problems. The Left-Brain approach is extremely effective in being organized, they are able to process ideas in a step by step process, are less prone to error and are auditory learners. Example given by Cohen describes how Kaiser needed to determine how to build his ships cheaper and faster, thus introducing the American assembly line technique (61). The Right-Brain approach is dependent on visual items, is more swayed by feelings and is unable to prioritize well, very intuitive and curious about the world. An example of this is written by Cohen in the story about the Silly Putty (67) it tells us a story of the rubber tree and how James Wright attempted to create a synthetic rubber for General Electric. The Right side approach appeals to me because I depend on a visual learning for understanding and applying concepts. I am considered naturally creative, curious about a process and think outside of the box according to personal profile for Insights Discovery (Vancouver, 2012). Even though the Right side appeals to me I believe that I use more of the Left sided approach in dealing with leadership decisions. In dealing with making decisions, I appreciate schedules and deadlines and to apply problems into a step by step process in figuring out a solution. My...
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