Ledge of Legend

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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
As an international student, I love to play League of Legends, which is a MOBA game, developed by RIOT Company. There is nothing wrong about playing video game for fun; however, it still depends on how you play and why you want to play it. There are two main reasons that show why I should play this game and one way to play League of Legends well. First, League of Legend is free to play. Riot created this typical MOBA game for all ages. This game appeals more than thirty millions player around the world. I do not have spent any cent for League of Legends and it attracted me when I saw my cousin played it for the first time. Secondly, this game is extremely fun. I played games after games, and I never feel bored about it, because no two games are ever the same. Each time I joined a battle arena, I can choose different champions, as I want. Each battle has different players and different enemies to compete with. Every single match I play is very different from the last, because you have to play with another strategy and different rivals. The last but not least, teamwork is the most important thing to win this game; you can never win this game by yourself, because teamwork is OP (over power). When I use a strategy to play, that strategy has to be comfortable with my teammates, even though my teammates are stranger and I never get to know their faces and where they are from, but this game help me to cooperate with other people and know what to do as a member of a group of five. This kind of cooperation is one of the best ways to communicate with strangers that I had learnt from this game. As I had shown, League of Legend is the most favorite activity and the most love game I would play. It is not a bad thing for us to do, this game is free, extremely fun and gives us a skill to cooperate and communicate with other people.
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