Leaving the past

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Leaving The Past

Happiness is something that everyone strives to create and continue to push for. But happiness is not that simple and can not be created by something. people have to accept life for what it is and not try to make up for the past, people should not try to create happiness like Granny weatherall a woman who attempted so many times to create her own happiness and feel better after being left at the alter. People need to accept their past, live on and know that they have accepted their life for what it is and finally be truly happy with themselves.

Granny weatherall has lived a long life and was an amazing woman and being able to live up to the age of 80 and beating pneumonia at a very hard time to survive that sickness. which is why she is such an angry person with the doctor. “ i’ll call for you when i want you . . . . where were you forty years ago when i pulled through milk-leg and double pneumonia?”(7). She does not want to be seen by a doctor when she believes this will blow over like her past sickness to her the doctor is doing nothing but wasting her money. “i pay my own bills, and i don’t throw my money away on nonsense.”(7). She thinks that fighting this sickness like she did the last time but its different she has gotten old and her body has been fighting for so long. Granny Weatherall still is thinking that she will see tomorrow and is planning on doing so many things the next day to feel happy. She was going to tell her children about her past life and finally face her past and accept what had happened in her past life, but she still had it planned for tomorrow because she still was not ready for this.”Yes, that would be tomorrow’s business. no use to let them know how silly she had been once.”(17) Granny Weatherall is still scared to go back and re live her past by telling her children. This is what she had been avoiding and trying to replace and forget about instead of accepting what had happened and being happy to move on....
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