Learnings from Lagaan

Topics: Goal, Decision making, Leadership Pages: 4 (914 words) Published: October 20, 2010
1) Identify the VISION, MISSION and VALUES from the movie Lagaan?

Another name for vision can be ‘DREAM’. Dreaming is about imagining a different future. When Bhuvan accepted the challenge, his dream was ‘3 yrs of ‘TAXFREE’ happiness not only for him but for the entire village. It may have seemed unrealistic or even improbable, but then that's what dreams are.. In the case of Bhuvan, he not only dreamt big but also put in place a strategy to make that a reality. To make things happen the way we want, we have to envision the future, and paint a picture in front of the others of what we want to achieve.

-To unite all the villagers to achieve the common goal.
-To win the cricket match.

-Team Work.
-Unity is Strength.
-Dignity and Integrity.
-Commitment and Dedication.
-Right Attitude and Confidence.

2) Give examples under each Principles of Management? Write down definition of 4 Principles of management.

PLANNING: A detailed method, formulated beforehand, for managing all or part of a business. Initially, after accepting the challenge put forth by by Captain Russell, Bhuvan carefully planned his strategy and tactics to ensure the acceptability of the idea by his community and also attract team members. He realized that planning was the base on which he can achieve the vision and win the match he continuously kept planning his course of action. The entire match, who should be placed, where, who is good in which area/ skills was properly planned and managed by Bhuvan.

ORGANISING: It means Assembling of required resources to attain organizational goals and objectives. Bhuvan was excellent in organizing his team and recruiting the right set of people based on their skill sets. Though the team members belonged to different communities bhuvan brought then together n motivated them to perform as single unit (cohesion). He kept aside the blind beliefs of the community which can be seen by his firm decision of taking kachra...
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