Learner Strategy Training in the Classroom: an Action Research Study in Methodology in Language Teaching

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Learner Strategy Training in the Classroom:

An Action Research Study in

Methodology in Language Teaching

As a course, Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching that I have learnt, I have grown and learnt more than I thought possible from the course book and my lecturer. As a student and also a lecturer of English who had taken numerous courses, I have found that knowledge of teaching is broad and various through the findings of each researcher and educator. Getting knowledge from those books is not enough so that I have to approach them. As a part of my study in this course, Methodology in Language Teaching attracts my mind and make me engage with an author’s thoughts and concepts’ findings in his action research study in chapter 12 regarding Learner Strategy Training in the Classroom. In this chapter, Nunan shows about what the central purpose of his research is, how he intends to research, what the proceedure of his project is and how he categorized his task in his research with the satisfactory result. All of these hooked me and also help me sharpen my knowledge in teaching and apply it into real practice.

Firstly, it is obvious that just teaching is not enough for each teacher and he/she should ask, try on and observe his/her new teaching theories with students, so it demands to make experiment with ways of making the students more active participants in their language learning through providing the learners with systematic opportunities to focus on their language learning which is the central purpose of strategy training in Nunan’s action research study. The evaluation is the vital point in research process, so it requires to evaluate carefully as stages with time frame by using some journals which should be filled out by the students at the beginning and at the end of the program in order to see the differences in their process of learning.

In this chapter also taught me how categorize the tasks for using in the study on some...
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