Leadership Assignment 1

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Leadership Insight Exercises – Chapter 1

Of the elements in the leadership definition in Exhibit 1.1, p. 5 which is the easiest for you? Which is hardest? Explain.

Out of all the elements in figure 1.1, I would have to say that “Change” would be the hardest for me. This is because when it comes to doing something a certain way for sometime, it becomes second nature to me. When I a have to change something that becomes second nature to me requires a lot of work. I would consider “Influence” to be easiest for me. This is because I feel that I am very good at affecting other people.

What do you consider your own strengths and weaknesses for leadership?

I feel that my strengths are Followers, Influence, and Intention. I feel that my weaknesses are Shared purpose, and Change.

Describe the best leader you have known. How did this leader acquire his or her capability?

The best leader that I have encountered would be a pastor by the name of R.A. Vernon. I believe that he acquired his capabilities through educations and the help of mentors that he looked up to. He has his Doctorate in Theology and he goes about running the church he has, as a business and he does a very good job at doing so.

Complete Leader’s Self-Insight 1.1 p. 11 to learn about your own “intelligence” for dealing with collaboration and with the other new realities facing organizations and summarize your findings and then answer the questions in the Scoring and Interpretation section.

How do your intelligences align with the changes taking place in the world? I feel that my results fit more with the collaborative style that I feel the world and business world is turning more to.

Would you rather rely on using one intelligence in-depth or develop multiple? I would definitely like to develop multiple. I feel that this makes you more versatile when it comes to dealing with different individuals daily, there has to be a balance.

How do your intelligences fit your career plans...
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