Leadership and Charisma

Topics: Barack Obama, President of the United States, George W. Bush Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Watching the video I found The 44th American President Barak Obama as a very effective communicator. He is verbally persuasive and also able to communicate to each student. He has articulated a compelling or optimistic vision, and has tried to arouse strong and deep sense of responsibility. I consider his capacity of this driving force as charisma.

“Leadership is a process of influence leading to the
geared towards the achievement of this shared vision.”
(Bush and Glover 2002)

Agreeing with (Bush and Glover 2002) I would say the president has tried to develop the vision of all the students, teachers, parents and each and every stakeholder connected with education industry. He has emphasized on responsibility towards education. Moreover, I could make out resemblance between Leithwood (1994) concepts of transformational leadership dimensions and the speech. Here President Obama is building the vision by establishing goals in students. He provides intellectual stimulation using examples of students who had overcome their unfavorable circumstances in order to prove their selves in their life. He added that teachers are there to help them they should meet them for quarries. He also revised the history of century what student have contributed so far and laid a question, what they will contribute to country? He also put his point saying that they should work hard, respect and trust their teachers, parents, grandparents and should not any one let down. Apart from everything when I carefully observed the presentation some minor things decoded so many messages showing communication strength of the president. Like his positive introduction with the sentence that he has proved “yes we can”. His warm greetings, use of gestures, body language and appreciation by thanking the students. Before he started his speech he had an icebreaking talk with the audience which helped him to harness the followers’ attention than after taking a pause he calmly made his point...
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