Le Morte D Arthur Loyalty Analysis

Topics: Knights of the Round Table, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, King Arthur Pages: 4 (768 words) Published: November 12, 2015

Le Morte d’ Arthur demonstrates loyalty by going to battle for him and refusing to participate with him and his knights. Le Morte d’ Arthur teaches readers about loyalty; “Loyalty is highly valued human quality, one that that sometimes requires personal sacrifice.” This quote is demonstrated throughout the whole story. The way they defended their king, and respected his decisions, shows loyalty. It also factors medieval code of chivalry that a knight can be loyal. King Arthur is defined as loyal to his country; the knights are defined as their loyalty and ability. The plot of this story is King Arthur and his knights at the Round Table; loyalty plays apart in the story when Lancelot establishes himself as being the best king by his loyalty and bravery.

In the story Lancelot shows loyalty when he refuses to fight with King Arthur even when the king invades his land; this proves Lancelot’s loyalty to his king Another example is King Arthur; Lancelot who was a great knight , had conflict of loyalty which resulted in destruction of what he loves. The...

“The code of life that defined the qualities of knights, such as honor, courage, loyalty, and willingness to define the weakened protect women.” Loyalty is major part was part of Le Morte d’ Arthur. For example in the beginning of the story Arthur becomes king, and king Uther was sick, the king’s nobleman took care of him, which also showed loyalty. In the second part of Le Morte d’ Arthur Gawain, Lancelot, and Modred, unveil their loyalty and unloyalty. The knights didn’t show loyalty to King Arthur at first, until Arthur successfully again retrieved the sword out of the stone. They finally became loyal to their king. “The nobles, knowing in their heart that commoner were right all knelt before Arthur and begged forgiveness for having delayed his succession for so long”. This quote shows and tells readers that they begged for...
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