Le Corbusier

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LE CORBUSIER ( 1887-1965)

Le Corbusier has an original name Charles Edouard Jeanneret who was born in Switzerland in 1887. He was the second son of a dial painter, and a musician teacher. He is the most influential architect of the 20th century. He was an architect, designer, painter, writer, and city planner,active mostly in France . He was one of the pioneers of modern architecture, which he considered as International Style.

In 1907, after completing his first building project, Villa Pallet, Le Corbusier went to Paris to work under Auguste Perrete architectural studio. In 1908, he studied architecture in Vienna. Le Corbusier designs were inspired by the automobile, and celebrated modern material and technologies. He want apply that ideas to architecture. He viewed house as “ a machine for living in”. If Jeanneret had been a small-town, Le Corbusier was a visionary. Le Corbusier was influenced by problem he saw in industrial citied at the turn of 19th to 20th century. “He believed that architecture had lost his way. Art Nouveau, all curves and sinuous decoration has burned itself out in a brilliant burst of exuberance, the seductive Art Deco style promised to do the same. Le Corbusier maintained that this new age deserved a brand new architecture. “We must start again at the zero”

He was a leader of the modernist movement to create better living condition and a better society by housing concept. We live with his influence until today both in terms of intellect and design. In 1914,his creation of the Dom-ino house was a breakthrough in architecture that would influence the world for centuries ahead. Le Corbusier wanted to come to term with life conditioned by large cities and machines. The Dom-ino (Domos-innovation) was worked on idea of a machine made house and it would be built on pillars without structural partitions, there would be long horizontally continuous window and flat roof with a garden. They had been his five points architecture: use of...
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