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Topics: Evidence law, Pleading, Civil procedure / Pages: 27 (6696 words) / Published: Feb 27th, 2013


1. General Principles 1.1. Concept of remedial law 1.2. Substantive law vis-a-vis remedial law 1.3. Rule-making power of the Supreme Court 1.3.1 Limitations on the rule-making power of the Supreme Court 1.3.2. Power of the Supreme Court to amend and suspend procedural rules 1.4. Nature of Philippine courts 1.4.1. Meaning of a court 1.4.2. Court as distinguished from a judge 1.4.3. Classification of Philippine courts 1.4.4. Courts of original and appellate jurisdiction 1.4.5. Courts of general and special jurisdiction 1.4.6. Constitutional and statutory courts 1.4.7. Courts of law and equity 1.4.8. Principle of judicial hierarchy 1.4.9. Doctrine of non-interference or doctrine of judicial stability 2. Jurisdiction 2.1 Over the parties 2.1.1. How jurisdiction over the plaintiff is acquired 2.1.2. How jurisdiction over the defendant is acquired Over the subject matter 2.2 1. Meaning of jurisdiction over the subject matter 2.2 2. Jurisdiction versus the exercise of jurisdiction 2.2 3. Error of jurisdiction as distinguished from error of judgment 2.2 4. How jurisdiction is conferred and determined 2.2 5. Doctrine of primary jurisdiction 2.2 6. Doctrine of adherence of jurisdiction 2.2 7. Objections to jurisdiction over the subject matter 2.2 8. Effect of estoppel on objections to jurisdiction Over the issues Over the res or property in litigation Jurisdiction of courts


2.3. 2.4 2.5.

2013 Bar Examination Coverage 2.5.1. 2.5.2. 2.5.3. 2.5.4. 2.5.5. 2.5.6. 2.5.7. 2.5.8. 2.6. 2.7 Supreme Court Court of Appeals Court of Tax Appeals


Remedial Law


Regional Trial Courts Family Courts Metropolitan Trial Courts/Municipal Trial Courts Shariah Courts

Barangay conciliation
Totality rule

Over small claims; cases covered by the Rules on Summary Procedure and

3. Civil Procedure 3.1. Actions 3.1.1. Meaning of ordinary civil actions 3.1.2. Meaning of

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