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Topics: Clean Water Act, Management, Regulation Pages: 4 (1183 words) Published: April 10, 2010
Regulatory Laws and Torts in Alumina Simulation
Kathleen Kraft-Smith
LAW 531
Martine Anderson
University of Phoenix
Regulatory Laws and Torts in Alumina Simulation
Alumina is a manufacturing plant specializing in automotive components, packaging materials, bauxite, refining, and smelting. Lately this organization has been dealing with an EPA violation that occurred, and was corrected, five years ago through an individual that states harm has occurred based on this violation. A closer look at this organization and the violation reveals regulatory risks that need to be managed, prevented and corrected. Going through each scenario within the simulation we will present all the regulatory risks and liabilities, possible choices for management and the consequences of each choice for these risks, and a preventative plan to help eliminate future problems that may occur due to this violation. Problem 1.

Release news story highlighting efficiency of the system and its clean record. This plan of action is usually a wise approach as it instills confidence into the public, letting them know that the organization understands the regulations and is all about adhering to them. As in this case however the reporter falsely documented data which reflected negatively on the organization, which then a retort of the article had to be written. Alumina could have used this situation as a deformation case, but was satisfied with the paper publishing the corrected data. Approach Ms Bates to test her resolve. This approach may seem like a good idea as this individual seems to have been guided and may have malice intentions. However, in approaching Ms Bates this may reflect negatively on the organization as a manipulation or bulling tactic as well as an invasion of privacy issue. Conduct an Independent site study to check for new violations. This approach is a wise one. By the organization doing this it insures that all standards are met incase this...

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