Laughter Therapy

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Laughter Therapy - An Effective Treatment
Today when nothing is free, laughter is perhaps the only medicine that comes for free but does miracles for us. Laughter is the best medicine! About 20-25 minutes of laughter every day can make you feel fresh, energetic and young for the whole day... Do you always feel stressed? Are you a heart patient? Is your blood pressure high? Do you want to improve your immune system? Do you feel depressed and are undergoing psychosomatic disorder? Do you want to feel younger?

If your answer to any of above question is "YES", then you must read on this article. Almost all of us have heard that "Laughter is best Medicine!" and it's a fact that there is no other thing that can help you in better ways than the way laughter helps you. It is scientifically proved that it helps us to be healthy in many ways. It helps us strengthen our immune system, relieve stress, improves our stamina etc. and look younger. There are many other benefits of laughter therapy other than the ones stated above.

The base of laughter therapy is related to the idea of positive thinking, and an age-old philosophy according to which if you want to be free from any mental problem and keep yourself healthy, all you have to start is the above therapy; make yourself feel free and happy, keep smiling always. It is one way to feel free and happy.

Let us see how laughter can help us in leaving a healthy life:

Most of the diseases are related to stress, tension depression etc. When we are in tension we attract various problems/diseases such as: mental imbalance, high blood pressure, heart trouble etc. Laughter relaxes our muscles and helps in relieving stress. When we laugh, our mind does not distract and the thought process stops i.e. no other thought comes in our mind, keeping our stress at lowest possible level. When we laugh, the blood vessels carrying blood in our body expands which results in increased blood supply to various body parts. Laughter also...
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