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Larger Families Are Happier Families

By Michelleelms Sep 18, 2011 557 Words
Many of my friends go around saying how great it is having a small family with only one brother or sister or even some with no siblings at all. But what is so good about a small family? I have two brothers and two sisters and I couldn’t be happier being a member of my family. Growing up in a large family has taught me so much. We can learn a lot from each other, whether it is about life or general knowledge. Everyone would lend a helping hand with the chores. This would make our parents’ time in the home much more relaxing. I learn how to be responsible and caring to others as it is no longer a burden to me. I have been taking up my own responsibilities since I was a child. Not only that, I grew up learning that I am not the centre of the universe, not my parents little princess and this has made me more mature. However, in a smaller family, most parents pamper their children making them feel needed all the time. Besides that, conflicts or arguments are intensified in small families. For example, if a screaming-match between a daughter and her parents occur, it could last for days as there is no third party to talk sense into them. But in larger families, other siblings can act as peace-makers when we fight or quarrel. So, in other words, I can learn to negotiate and compromise in different situations in life. Furthermore, being in a large family allows me to have more and richer relationships with my siblings. We can spend more time with each other. Whenever we feel lonely at home, we can always talk tor play a game with our siblings. We will also feel cared for and that reassuring feeling will help us walk through difficult situations. However, in a small family, one is always the centre of the parents’ attention and it is not always easy to relate to them with one’s teenage problems. Another reason why I prefer growing up in a large family is that I learn that sharing is caring. It is good to share our things or even thoughts with others. In a large family, we need to share everything, from toys to clothes and parents’ attention. This is because there are just too many of us for our parents to buy us new things all the time. That would be like burning holes in our parents’ pockets and that is just plain selfish. Having many siblings, there is just so much our parents can do for each of us and we learn to appreciate that. Last but not least, parents of large families learn to be more relaxed with their children. They understand the fact that different children have different strengths and weaknesses. They allow us to develop naturally at our own pace. On the other hand, parents with a smaller family place too much pressure on their children as they want them to do exceptionally well academically and in their careers. Thus growing up in a larger family has done wonders for me as an individual. It has taught me so much and helped me through thick and thin. Being a member of a large family is the best thing in my life.

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