Laptop vs tablet

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When I consider Laptop versus tablet, I think of what I will be using it for the most. When it comes to my laptop I use it for all of my school purposes. When it comes to my tablet, it is used for pretty much everything else. I actually have both, compliments of my awesome gift giving husband. The laptop was specifically purchased for me for school, while the iPad was more for personal use/pleasure. To be honest, I rely a lot on my husband to make these types of choices for me. When he first gave me the iPad for Christmas, it was nice but felt really unnatural when I used it. I was already used to my laptop that he got me for the previous Christmas. When comparing the two, I do feel the iPad is so much more convenient, and so much less maintenance. My laptop literally requires updates daily, and if I do not so them it kicks me off of the internet. This has happened several times, and it is not fun when you are right in the middle of an assignment. Even so, the laptop is so much easier to complete and submit assignments because of the keyboard. The iPad on the other hand, once I got used to it, is so much easier to do things like reading emails and social networking. I surf the internet and look on Pinterest as well, but that pretty much it when it comes to the iPad. The thing I love most about the iPad is it is so convenient to move about the house with, and you can take it anywhere with you. It is perfect for road trips. I do like my laptop for all of the storage purposes, and the different programs I can access for school. I guess if I had to post my thoughts on one versus the other, I would say, buy both if you can. I think they both have their pros and cons and you really can’t compare the two because they both serve very different purposes. My iPad is so easy to use, my nine year old has pretty much taken it over, and so that would be a big selling point on the iPad. Overall, I am happy with both of these products and feel they were both very good

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