Language Expresses National Character

Topics: Psychology, Word, Culture Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 10, 2013
How far does language reflect national character? Consider this with reference to your own language and to English. National character is a complex combination of nation’s history, culture, traditions, language and national psychology. As the International Encyclopedia of Social Science defines the term “national character” is used to describe the enduring personality characteristics and unique life styles found among the populations of particular national states. This behavior is sometimes considered on an abstract level, that is, as cultural behavior without actual reference to necessarily different personality modalities.” The language of some certain nation strongly reflects the national character. It is impossible to understand a nation its history and traditions without a complex study of those tree together with language. Language is the main element which carries out all the national characteristics and differentiating features. The climate, landscape, any social and historical changes, innovations have their direct influence on the national character. First of all that influence is reflected in the language of the nation. People think in some certain language and language is the only way to express ideas and thoughts. It means that language modifies the thoughts and vice versa. So, any change and all the characteristic features of the nation are reflected in the language. Throughout the history Armenians suffered a lot of changes and shortages. Also, in 1915 Armenians suffered the great genocide. It had its influence on the national characters and on the language as well. In modern Armenian we have more than eight words denoting genocide (նախճիր, եղեռն, կոտորած, մարդասպանություն, սպանդ…) while in other languages there are two or three words for genocide. There are also languages that don’t have some special term for denoting genocide as throughout their historical development and the development of language they never needed a word for denoting genocide....
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