Lamb To The Slaughter Mary Maloney Character Analysis

Topics: Marriage, KILL, Murder Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: October 16, 2015

Mary Maloney starts off in the story as a pregnant and loving wife to her husband when she experiences difficulties which change her dramatically. These changes she experienced were internal causing her actions to also change. Throughout a story if a character undergoes an internal change even such as just a little opinion it is stated that the character of whom experiences change is a dynamic character. For this it is very reasonable to believe that Mary Maloney is dynamic because of the many clues this story portrays for readers to examine and conclude.

One thing that really points out the dynamic characteristics to me was how much she loved her husband in the beginning but ended up killing him. Mary began in the story by being very kind to her husband serving him to his every demand. But when her husband talks to her about what the reader can only assume is him discussing leaving for another woman her reactions seems wrong when she went to make dinner for him. After she comes back from the freezer in the garage her husband refused to make her cook the food and without hesitation and raging of anger she knocks him across the head killing him. Throughout the story she endures a...

One of the characteristics is her change in opinion towards her husband she begins loving her husband but in the end she murdered him with a leg of lamb. She also begins to almost think it to be comical when the detectives talk about where the weapon could be hidden, therefore shows another change in her behavior. Although reasons to believe her as a static character, the argument toward her being dynamic is much larger. In the end Mary Maloney’s character is more likely to be dynamic given the evidence that Roald Dahl displays throughout the story from the end to the...
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