Lamb To The Slaughter Maloney
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In “Lamb to the Slaughter,” the beginning of the short story expresses how Mary Maloney, the main character and wife to Patrick Maloney, is six months pregnant. The author of “Lamb to the Slaughter,” Roald Dahl, greatly expresses Mary’s deep love for her husband in the exposition of the short story, but despite Mary’s immense love for her husband, Patrick Maloney, he has the desire to leave her. Dahl never specifically states Patrick’s reasoning for wanting to leave Mary, so the readers try to use context clues within the story to figure out why Patrick wants to leave Mary. While reading the story, the reason why Patrick plans to leave Mary can vary. Although there the possibilities can vary, a good majority of the evidence in the text points …show more content…
If the people he worked with knew what he had done, people would start to distance themselves from him. "The Irish often suffered blatant or subtle job discrimination." (source 2, #6) In addition to committing adultery, the Maloney’s have an Irish ancestry; the Irish who came to America, where the Maloney’s resided, were very discriminated against. People thought the Irish did not belong; furthermore, this caused the Irish living there to feel displaced and unwanted. The native people living there already discriminate against the Irish, so if the people at Patrick's job discovered what he had done to his wife, they might dislike him with such a passion that they would go to the lengths of trying to find a reason to fire him. The Irish rarely ever had jobs as high as a detective spot; he did not want to risk her saying anything that could jeopardize his career. Moreover, "[o]nce in the U.S., the Irish were [subject] to negative stereotyping that was very similar to that of enslaved Africans and African Americans." (source 3, #9)The Irish in this time are treated as badly as people would have treated their slaves. Slaves have no rights whatsoever which caused people to treat them like trash and mistakes. Fearing what would happen to him, to his job, Patrick did not want Mary to go around telling people why he left her; this would cause many things in his life to

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