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1994 was the year to behold and cherish Little Goldenians Learning School that evolved and become La Verne Academy Inc. as years pass. Mr. and Mrs. Pazramen Fadrilan was the founder of the said school, located at the Golden City Subd. Imus, Cavite. The faculty members of the said school use a manual grading procedure, and the said members encounter problems regarding the procedure that the school is using, it is time consuming, and sometimes the data or computation is not accurate. The faculty members also mentioned that other company proposed to the school a system but they discard the said proposal due to difficulties. As time goes by, the evolution of our technology become more advance and progressive. People discover and invented new. The world of technology expand rapidly every year. The proponents was inspired to conduct a system, and it gave reason to make a system entitled Computerize Grading System that can surely help the faculty members in computing the grades of the students. The proposed system can also resolve the problems that they are facing right now. It will reduce the time they spend to compute the grades of the students and avoid the time that the data or computations is not precise.

Statement of the problem
The proponents would like to create a Computerize Grading System to address the following problems of La Verne Academy Inc. 1. Time consuming in computing the grades of the students
2. Not precise date/ computations

* The general objective of this study is to design and develop sufficient Computerized Grading System of La Verne Academy Inc. To save time, to minimize the work of the teachers, to secure the file of the students and to be manage the files or information about the grades of the students systematically and in more efficient and manner.

Specific of objectives
* To compute grades easier
* To avoid erasures
* To reduce time of computing grades
* To lessen the...
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