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Integrated Theories
Theoretical Integration: the integrated theory of crime was created because most crimes do not fit into just one theory. Therefore, the integrated was created so that theories can be lumped together Propositional Integration: involves the formal process of integrating different theoretical propositions. Through this process, a new separate theory is created. Generally, there are three types of propositional integration: side-by-side, end-to-end, and up-and-down. Conceptual Integration: Conceptual integration involves an absorption strategy, arguing that concepts from one theory have the same meaning as concepts from another theory and combining them into a common language and set of concepts. Mediating Effects: Most crimes do not fit one category.

Reciprocal Effects: interdependent relationships.
Elliot’s Integrated Theory: strained and weak social bonds lead youths to associate with and learn from deviant groups. Combines elements of learning, stain, and control theories. Interactional Theory: This theory suggests that “gang membership results from a reciprocal relationship between the individual and peer groups, social structures (i.e. poor neighborhood, school and family environments), weakened social bonds, and a learning environment that fosters and reinforces delinquency.” The theory is a combination of the Social Control Theory and the Social Learning Theory in that it emphasizes a weak societal bond and learning that encourages deviant behavior. This theory is meant to examine all of the influential factors an individual may experience throughout his/her life. Social Support: people who live in environments that provide more support are less likely to commit a crime. In other words, criminal behavior is discouraged when societies, cities, neighborhoods, friendship networks, and families provide individuals with the necessary tools to live a pro-social lifestyle. Coercion: Mark Colvin argues that chronic criminals...
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