Topics: Trousers, A Good Thing, What Happened Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Crow Lake – Mary Lawson
“Matt and Luke dug a trench through the snow from the front door to the driveway and then all the way up the driveway to the road and took turns to shovel it out each morning.” (168)

I chose this image and quote because I think it must have been hard for Matt and Luke to do that every day. Shovelling snow is not fun and I think it must have caused some extra stress in their lives. Luke has already taken on the responsibility of Kate and Bo and given up going to college so Matt could go and now they have to get up early and go outside in the cold every day to shovel snow.

“In the end, Luke probably made it easy for them. Probably when they were locking up one night, Mr.McLean cleared his throat half a dozen times and finally said, “Uh, Luke.” “ (152)

I chose this quote and image because I think it played a big part in what happened to the children. Even though Luke wasn’t making a lot of money at the store it was still something that could help the family. The only reason Luke lost his job was because of Sally and I don’t think she should have told her parents what happened. She knew what situation Luke was in and how bad he needed work but she got him fired. “I’d set off for school in the morning so bundled up I could hardly move; panties and an undershirt followed by long johns, followed by trousers under my skirt and a flannel blouse under my sweater, followed by leggings and a parka and a scarf pulled up over my nose and a hat pulled down to my eyes and two pairs of mittens and three pairs of socks and winter boots which had belonged to Matt after they’d belonged to Luke.” (168)

I chose this because it must have been hard for Kate to get up every morning and put all these layers on and then walk to school and be scared that if you fall you won’t be able to get back up. I think it is a good thing that she did do this though because if she didn’t go to school she wouldn’t be where she is later in life which is...
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