Lady Gaga Case

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Lady Gaga Case Analysis
Lady Gaga is an American pop singer and songwriter. She is well-recognized because of her unique style as a recording artist, in fashion, in performance and in her music videos. The educational background of Lady Gaga is really strong. She attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, but by the second semester she dropped out of Tisch and decided to concentrate on her musical career. In 2007, Troy Carter signed Lady Gaga to his newly found talent agency Coalition Media. The launch strategy of pop singer was unusual. Her manager Troy Carter, and producer, Vincent Herbert, first of all, tried to build strong relationship with fans by giving concerts despite the size of audience and place. There are some different kinds of communities among Lady Gaga’s fans like gay communities. Lady Gaga has really creative and unusual style, her own fashion and performance style, all these influence the increase of her fans. The second launch strategy was using the power of social media. Gaga makes appearances of interviews and performances weekly, she was involved in all aspects of the social media campaign. Lady Gaga decided to handle her Twitter account herself, so she can easily communicate with fans. Moreover, she used a lot of social media tools like YouTube, where she and her team uploaded a lot of short videos about herself and her vision. For the further developing of Lady Gaga’s touring and recording career, her team can organize a tour for her, they can make a deal with new studios and famous artist for her recording career. The team also can create new advertisement for Lady Gaga, provide more interviews, make new creative videos and of course follow social media tools. All these are the best way to leverage the social media presence of Lady Gaga.
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