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At the end of the discussion, the students must be able to:
• Discuss safety awareness for clinical laboratory personnel. • List the responsibilities of employer and employee in providing a safe workplace.
• Identify hazards related to handling chemicals, biologic specimens, and radiologic materials.
• Choose appropriate personal protective equipment when working in the clinical laboratory.
• Identify the classes of fires and the type of fire extinguishers to use for each.
• Describe steps used as precautionary measures when working with electrical equipment, cryogenic materials, and compressed gases and avoiding mechanical hazards associated with laboratory equipment. • Select correct means for disposal of waste generated in the clinical laboratory.

• Outline the steps required in documentation of an accident in the workplace.

1. Electric shock
2. Toxic vapors & irritants
3. Compressed gases
4. Flammable liquids
5. Radioactive material
6. Corrosive substances
7. Mechanical trauma
8. Poisons
9. Biologic materials
10.Cryogenic materials

Safety begins with recognition of hazards and is
achieved through the application of:
 Common sense.
 A safety-focused attitude.
 Good personal behavior/habits.
 Good housekeeping.
 Continual practice of good laboratory technique.

In most cases, accidents can be traced directly
to two primary causes:
1. Unsafe acts (PERSONAL)

2. Unsafe conditions (ENVIRONMENTAL)

3 Strategies to contain hazards:
1. Engineering Controls
2. Personal Protective Equipment
3. Work Practice Controls

Occupational Safety and Health Act
• Public Law 91-596, enacted on 1970.
• Goal: to provide all employees (clinical laboratory
personnel included) with a safe work environment.
• Under this legislation, the Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA) is authorized to
conduct on-site inspections to determine whether an
employer is complying with the mandatory standards
and assess fines if it finds noncompliance with the

Occupational Safety and Health Act
• The National Institute of Occupational Safety and
Health (NIOSH) serves as OSHA’s research and
advisory arm.
• The regulations most specific to clinical laboratories : 1. Occupational Exposure to Formaldehyde Standard
2. Hazard Communication Standard
3. Occupational Exposure to Blood-borne Pathogens
4. Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in

Agencies other than OSHA also have regulations
that affect laboratories:
• Research Conservation and Recovery Act (RSRA)
• Department of Transportation (DOT)
• Medical Waste Tracking Act
• Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Other government and private agencies:
• National Fire Protection Association (NPFA)
• National Committee on Clinical Laboratory Standards
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
• National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
• National Institute of Health (NIH)
• American Conference of Governmental Industrial
Hygienists (ACGIH)

Voluntary accrediting agencies:
• Commission on Laboratory Accreditation of the
College of American Pathologists
• Joint Commission for Accreditation of
Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

In the Philippines:
• Republic Act 9003 – “Ecological Solid Waste
Management of 2000”
• Republic Act 6969 – “Toxic Substances and Hazardous
and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990”
• Republic Act 8749 – “Phil. Clean Air Act of 1999”
• Republic Act 9275 – “Phil. Clean Water Act of 2004” • Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) of the
Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)


Safety Responsibility
• The employer and the employee share safety
• The employer has the...
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