Labour Market

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1.Unemployment of footwear workers

Duration of unemployment in footwear
and total manufacturinga in Belgium

Since 1988 the proportion of unemployed manual footwear workers who have been unemployed for more than one year has increased whereas the proportion of total unemployed manual workers in Belgium who are long-term unemployed has remained constant.

• The duration of unemployment of the least skilled footwear workers is, on average, less than that of the group ofmanual textile workers.

• The duration of unemployment of non-manual workers in Belgium is considerably less than that of manual workers.

So, for the footwear sector we find a degree of heterogeneity within the group of workers classified as manual both in terms of wage rates and unemployment duration. In Belgium, those manual footwear workers who receive the highest wage rates are also likely to experience longer terms of unemployment.

2.Responses to increased international competition

Improvements in
technology may be both a cause of increased trade flows, by allowing the outsourcing of low-skill activities, for example, as well as a defensive response by producers in industrial countries to increasing competition from low-wage countries. Here we simply seek to identify the extent of technological change in the footwear sector.

3.Technological change

It is very hard to measure technolgical change but we can look at the share of equipment in total investment to get some information. It is obviously that if in company are a lot of modern equipments like ( computers , manufacturing robots) companys production increase and at the same time quantitiy of employees decreases .

4.Quality upgrading

We can find in one market a lot the same products but from different producer. To get a market product have to be better than the another products on market. Producer have one main goal to develpe his product and adjust product to customer . Thus if you are...
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