Lab Safety Paragraphs

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Lab Safety Report


CHM 114 Laboratory Fall 2014
Tuesday Lab

Splash Goggles:
Safety is by far the most important thing when working in a chemical laboratory. There are over thousands of injuries that occur each year that are partially non-preventable, but a great majority are preventable accidents that could have been solved with simple lab safety. One of the most critical pieces of lab safety would have to be wearing eye protection. Eye protection could save your vision and eye protection should be worn at all times regardless if an experiment is being conducted or not. The eye protection worn should also have wide shields in order to protect your ears as well as your neck. There are many types of eye protection: chemical splash goggles face shields, safety glasses, etc. The type of eye protection required is dependable on the chemicals and situation so always understand the experiment first before choosing eye protection and if you do not know, you should always ask your TA. Hand Gloves:

Another critical piece of lab safety would be wearing gloves when conduction experiments. They are necessary when your TA requires you to wear them. They will protect you from chemicals, but they do not offer permanent protection from chemicals. Following suit, gloves, like eye protection, come in many different forms, which can include, but are not limited to the following: latex gloves, neoprene gloves, etc. Gloves also come in different lengths depending, once again, on the situation and experiment being conducted. Gloves should not be reused unless they are clean and free of chemicals. Also, gloves should be checked for holes and cracks because the last thing that should happen is having any part of your body coming into contact with chemicals. Gloves should also be removed before touching other things like your phone or notebooks. Long Pants:

Wearing long pants (from hip to foot) while performing...
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