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Topics: Windows Server 2008, Graphical user interface, Windows Vista Pages: 4 (633 words) Published: July 30, 2014
Lab 2
Configuring Servers
This lab contains the following exercises and activities:
Exercise 2.1
Exercise 2.2
Exercise 2.3
Lab Challenge
Completing Post-Installation Tasks

Adding Roles and Features
Converting the GUI Interface to Server Core

Using the Server Core Interface

Exercise 2.1
Completing Post-Installation Tasks

In this exercise, you complete the tasks necessary to set up a server on which Windows Server 2012 R2 has just been installed. Mindset When you purchase a server from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with Windows Server 2012 R2 installed, the factory runs a program called Sysprep.exe that prepares the server for distribution by erasing all the user-specific information on the system. Completion time

20 minutes

Why must you set the time zone to Eastern time, even if that is not where you are currently located?

28.Log on to SERVERB using the Administrator account and the password Pa$$w0rd. When Server Manager opens, click Local Server in the left pane, take a screen shot of the Properties window by pressing Alt+Prt Scr, and then paste it into your Lab 2 worksheet file in the page provided by pressing Ctrl+V. Your screen shot should show the parameters you modified during this exercise. [copy screen shot over this text]

Exercise 2.2
Adding Roles and Features

In this exercise, you use the Add Roles and Features Wizard to install additional components to a server running Windows Server 2012 R2. Mindset
One of the most basic tasks that administrators perform when setting up a server is to install the roles and features providing the software the server needs to perform its basic functions. Completion time

10 minutes...
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