Lab 4

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Lab 4 Tissues
The purpose of this lab is to disover Histology or the study of tissues. Tissue make up a large part of our bodies and in this lab we will learn about the different types and functions of tissues.

I believe at the end of this lab If I am willing to do the reasearch the I will be able to use a mircoscope to look at different tissue samples and learn about the many types of tissue cells and their functions.

The internet
Book:Human Antomony and Physiology
Lab worksheets
1. Logged into blackboard
2. Pulled up assignment
3. Read all instructions first and then again
4. Worked on the mircoscope parts assignment
5. Went on to looking through a mircoscope
6. Completed the worksheet
7. Worked on lab report

Data: defintions of the mircoscopes parts:

Data part 2
After turning the light on, what two components allow one to adjust the light intensity of the microscope? Rheostat and the iris

What structure holds the slide in place on the stage of the microscope? Spring load clip

Which lens is in the light path?
4 x

Of the stage adjustment knobs, the larger knob / Y-adjustment (on the top) moves the slide in which direction? In which direction does the smaller / X-adjustment knob (on the bottom) move the slide?

The top y moves up and down and the bottom x moves side to side

Describe the movement of the stage when using the coarse adjustment knob. Describe the movement of the stage when using the fine adjustment knob

The coarse moves the stage at a fast level and the fine at a slower level

When is it appropriate to use the coarse adjustment knob?
It is apporatiate to use coarse on low power.

Which objective lens do we begin with when viewing a slide? The 4 x

When using the stage adjustment knobs while looking through the microscope, turning the large knob (on the top) to the right moves the image _up___________ while turning it to the left...
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