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La route de chlifa

By charels104 Dec 04, 2013 519 Words
La Route de Chlifa par Michèle Marineua est à peu près d'un garçon qui va sur un voyage au Chliaf pour échapper le guerre avec lui est une fille nomé Maha. Les traits personnels de Karim et Maha change à cause de leur experiences vécues après la mort de la famille Tabouret, car ils doivent développer des stratégies pour faire face au conflit, à l'isolement, et à la perte. Le voyage aux Chliaf est long des dure et sa change Karim et Maha beaucoup.

L'Isolation effet Maha par que elle commence d'aller fou. L'Isolation

Blanche Neige est une histoire d'une jeune fille qui est le pluse belle persone dans la monde et la rein veux êt re la plus belle dans la monde alors elle devise une plan pour tue Blanche Summary Brief Summary

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Power: Leadership and Corruption Theme Quotes
Power: Control over the Intellectually Inferior Theme Quotes Lies and Deceit Theme Quotes
Rules and Order Theme Quotes
Foolishness and Folly Theme Quotes
Cunning and Cleverness Theme Quotes
Violence Theme Quotes
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Chapter 8 Summary
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Animal Farm Chapter 7 Summary

Since the collapse of the windmill, the animals are starving. Still, they put on a good face for the outside world. The hens find out that their eggs will be taken. When they try to rebel, they're starved (via control of the teeth-baring dogs) and nine die. What was that we said about irony?

More scapegoating at Snowball's expense. Boxer seems, amazingly, to remember history the way that it occurred, but Squealer quickly convinces him that his memory is faulty. At a meeting, several animals confess to having been in league with Snowball, or with Jones, or both. (We think the teeth-baring dogs might have had something to do with the confession.) After they confess, Napoleon… has them killed.

Uh-oh. This Revolution is going downhill fast.
And then, due to Boxer's doubt regarding the new and rewritten history, Napoleon tries (and fails) to have him killed by the dogs. There's a lot of subtlety here—none of the animals, and especially not Boxer, think for a moment that Napoleon actually ordered the attack. On the surface, it just looks like the dogs went rogue and attacked him. But some of the animals have picked up on the fact that things aren't quite working out. Clover looks over the farm and thinks to herself that these scenes of bloody terror are certainly not what the animals have worked so hard for. The final straw? "Beasts of England" is abolished.

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Neige pour que elle peut être la plus belle dans le monde. Puis quand sa premiere plan a faire elle decide de faire leur meme alors elle poisonne une pomme et convincre Blanche Neige de manger puis la fin d'histoire change avec la version.

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