The Road to Chilfa

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The Road To Chlifa

Thematic Exploration

After reading the book written by Michele that is talking about Karim and Maha’s grow-up experience during the age of war, I think everyone who has read the book has different feeling about it. It’s a special story telling us about human nature, death, maturity, dream, challenge and love that we have gone through in everyone’s life journey. As far as I’m concerned, though I haven’t experienced such a long travel like they do, I really enjoy their story and they tought me that accepting responsibility is our first but essential step to our maturity and our original dream. That’s life, right? Only by going through all kinds of hardships can we know the true meaning of how to grow up.

Back to the novel, we may think Karim as an cold-bloody boy who treats other people in an unconcerned way, who made the great decision to take a risk with the other girl. The reason why he did it is that he has been hurt before, because of the death of Nada. At last, he also hurt heart of Maha, who fell in love with this brave boy. Giving an example: when Maha was going to have a bitter quarrel with Karim, he didn’t choose to give an apology or explanation to Maha. On the contrary, he’d rather run away to escape from the reality in a sulk than have a talk with her in a calm mood. That’s what I’m most surprised at, too. At last, it is Maha’s death that makes Karim realize how wrong he used to be in the past days spent with Maha. He is going to face the life with a more positive heart.

Now, let’s focus on the other main character, Maha, the girl who gave the proposal to go to Chlifa as well as taking care of a baby along their journey. In my eyes, she is an impossibly brave and sensitive girl with a fragile heart. She always pretends to be strong but in fact she has been hurt by Karim again and again. She fell in love with Karim in a silent way and she is willing to be his soul mate during their...
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