Kyoto Protocol

Topics: Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse gas, European Union Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: April 11, 2005
Kyoto Protocol

In the world today there are talks about why and how the people of this planet are polluting the rivers, lakes, soil, and even air. With these talks countries are coming up with great ways to reduce this problem. They see the effects and they are happy and life goes on but there is another problem, the one the everyday people just can't solve with their own hands, that problem is the theory of global warming. During December of 1997, a meeting in Kyoto, Japan, started a huge trend to try to improve the world's greenhouse gas releasing which could cause an unnatural shift in climate throughout the world. This meeting was called the Kyoto Protocol and about thirty- eight industrialized countries agreed to lower their emissions of major greenhouse gases below 1990 levels. (Rowntree) In this research we are trying to find how the Kyoto Protocol is an example of globalization.

Globalization is the integration of world economies. Globalization affects productivity, imports and exports, technology, and growth rates. (Questia) Some of the trends in globalization are an increase in international trade, the use of global telecommunications, an increase in immigration, development of global financial systems, and the development of global business standards. In this case of the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union is one of the strongest advocates of regulations. With this the European Union today is lower than what it was in the 1990's. ( Rowntree) Of course, this is good for the environment, but there are many people out of jobs due to the moving of jobs to china and other countries and the lowering of emissions. That is a large factor in the process of ratification in many other countries. In Canada the loss of jobs will be enormous and the cost of energy will be higher. ( Taylor) On November 27, 2002, a speech to the Alberta Legislature stated that there is no certainty that greenhouse gases are the cause for global warming, but there is certainty...

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