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The explosion of Mount Krakatoa is the fifth biggest eruption ever happened on earth. Krakatoa is a volcanic island located in between of Java and Sumatra. This volcanic island is located not far from the area where Indo-Australian plate subducts under the Eurasian plate. In May until 27 August 1883, the eruptions took place until it blew the island apart. There is still part of the volcano, Rakata, which was the highest peak of Krakatoa.

The eruption happened because of the super-hot steam that was created when the side of the volcano split and let ocean water come in to the magma chamber.

The explosion was six times bigger than Hiroshima bomb attack in 1945, and the sound of the explosion was heard in Madagascar (which was around 2,200 miles away), Perth (Australia), and the Rodrigues Island (Mauritius). The shockwaves from the explosion travelled around the globe 7 times. Tsunami up to 131 feet was caused, and destroyed villages along the coast of Java and Sumatra. The ashes went up higher than 50 miles in altitude and affecting climates and lowering temperature.

Krakatoa ‘gave birth’ to a smaller volcano named ‘Anak Krakatoa’ (child of Krakatoa). It began to rise in the ocean in 1927, and last exploded in 2001.

Before the Krakatoa erupted, there were 3 coalesced volcanoes called Perboewatan, Danan and Rakata.

During the eruption, Perboewatan, Danan, and northern half of Rakata collapsed and created a caldera (A depression in the summit of a volcano caused by subsidence into a magma chamber. underwater and wipe out two-thirds of the island.

Due to the eruption, a tsunami of rolling water higher than 30 metres, and rolled across over than 70 kilometres, washed away 165 villages along the coast and is the cause of why 36 thousand people lost their lives that day. However, on that day, approximately 4500 deaths were caused by falling tephra (The solid material thrown into the air by a volcanic...
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