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1. Synopsis

There are many kinds of Korean food in the world. The purpose of this report is that introduces Korean cuisine, the history and current tendency of Korean food. This information is derived from the writer’s experience, reference books and on the Internet website.

2. Table of contents
2.Table of contents2
4.1What is Korean cuisine?3
4.2History of Korean cuisine3
4.2.1Late in the Neolithic age3
4.2.2Three Kingdoms period ~ Goryeo dynasty (668 AD ~ 1392 AD)3 4.2.3Joseon dynasty (1392 AD ~ 1897 AD)3
4.2.420th century ~ Current period4
5.1.1Bulgogi (Grilled Marinated Beef)4
5.1.2Galbi (Grilled Beef Short Ribs)5
5.2.1Daeji Bulgogi (Spicy Marinated Pork)5
5.2.2Daeji Galbi (Grilled Pork Ribs)5
5.3.1Dakdoritang (Spicy Braised Chicken with Potatoes)5
5.3.2Dakgalbi (Spicy Stirred-Fried Chicken)6
5.4.1Bosintang (Dog meat soup)6
5.5Fish and seafood6
5.5.1Hweh (Raw Seafood Dish)6
6Current tendency7
8Reference lists8

3. Introduction

Korean cuisine is loved by many people from all around the world. The food has evolved through social and political change. Some people only know that Korean food is ‘Kimchi’ and barbecue. However, it is various and healthy. This report will focus on the history, kinds and the current tendency of Korean cuisine.

4. Procedure:

4.1What is Korean cuisine?

Korean cuisine is based on rice, soup, vegetables, meats and fermented vegetable ‘Kimchi’. The meal is built around numerous shared side dishes each carefully selected to complement the other ("About Korean Food", 2008). Korean food consists of many dishes cooked in various ways; being steamed, simmered, pan-fried, stewed, fermented and raw.

4.2 History of Korean cuisine

4.2.1Late in the Neolithic age

Agricultural traditions began to develop. As the result, people started farming rice, millet, barley and beans and continued to hunt and fish (Cultural Institute of Traditional Food, n.d., para. 3).

4.2.2Three Kingdoms period ~ Goryeo dynasty (668 AD ~ 1392 AD)

Buddhism affected Korean cuisine. Therefore, it was the decline in meat eating, whereas a vegetable diet spread from three kingdoms period to Goryeo dynasty (Cultural Institute of Traditional Food, n.d., para. 3).

4.2.3Joseon dynasty (1392 AD ~ 1897 AD)

Confucianism which is a Chinese ethical and philosophical system developed from Confucius influenced a dietary life during this time period. Agriculture became importance for the life. Therefore, it was increasing the production of grains and vegetable. The books which relate to farming were published (Cultural Institute of Traditional Food, n.d., para. 3).

4.2.420th century ~ Current period

During the periods of Japan’s colonial rule of Korea and Korean War, Korean peoples only had limited food. Therefore, Korean people had to have low quality grains such as millet and barley. Also, they invented ‘Budae Jjigae’ stew which was made with leftover sausages and ham from the US army. The consumption of pork and beef increased extensively in Korea in the 1970s. Western food began emerging into the Korean food such as white bread and instant food. The reduction in rice consumption has been accompanied by an increment in consumption of bread and noodles in Korea (Cultural Institute of Traditional Food, n.d., para. 3).

4 Foodstuff


Beef is the most prised of all meats because cattle held an important role such as using for agriculture in Korea in the past. That affected Korean culture. Therefore, beef is still more expensive than other meats. There are two famous Korean beef dishes which are ‘Bulgogi’ and ‘Galbi’.

5.1.1Bulgogi (Grilled Marinated Beef)

Bulgogi is made from thinly sliced sirloin of beef. The...
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