Kodak vs Fuji

Topics: Photographic film, Camera, Instant film Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Kodak and Fujifilm
Orin R. Prater
Professor Monique Baucham
BUS 302 Management Concepts
05 May 2013 

The Eastman Kodak company of New Jersey, which it is called today, was founded in 1888 with the invention of rolled film. Kodak changed the company’s name many times in its one hundred and twenty five year history. The first name was The Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company incorporated, which only had fourteen shareholders. Kodak invented the massed produced camera that would take one hundred pictures, with the slogan of “you press the button, we do the rest” which sold for twenty five dollars. It would be roughly six hundred and thirty dollars today with inflation. The customer would have to mail it to New York, which wouldn’t be a problem if you lived there. For all other customers, they would have to pay for postage plus for an extra ten dollars the customer would get a new roll of film put into the camera and one hundred prints. Ever since the founding of the company they have been plagued with law suits ranging from patents, monopolizing the markets and trade tariffs. Kodak has made many great products throughout their one hundred and twenty five years span, like the x-ray films in the early 1950’s, the slide projector in the 1960’s, the digital camera in the 1970’s and so forth. They have lacked innovative designs to their product line by the chief executive officers over the past thirty years for today’s basic consumer market, and even though they invented the first digital camera. With the multiple chief executive officers and their financial failures the stock prices continued to go down in value starting around the early 1990’s. In the mid 1990’s and 2000’s Eastman Kodak had laid off over seven thousand eight hundred workers from around the world. Now that Kodak’s name is not being associated in the business printing market. Kodak has created an environment to cause them to lose their competitive edge against their competitors. Even though...
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