Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest shooting guard in NBA history. Hell, most people would agree he is the greatest NBA player ever.

While the second is up for debate, the first is not. But with Kobe Bryant now leading a stacked Lakers team, it looks like Bryant might be able to close the gap with Jordan.

The newest piece of evidence to the debate is a YouTube video created by 2012Mamba. The video below shows Jordan and Bryant performing nearly identical shots, while stating how great Bryant is and how at this age he is better than Jordan.

However, there are a few issues with the statements made. At the age of 33, Jordan had played only 10 seasons while Bryant has played 16. Two of those seasons for Jordan saw him playing in less then 20 games.

While Jordan left North Carolina after his junior season, Bryant entered the league right out of high school. Therefore Bryant basically has a three-year head start on his NBA career.

Jordan only played 15 seasons compared to Bryant's 16 yet he scored nearly 3,000 more points, 800 steals, 300 blocks, 200 assists and 500 rebounds. Bryant has played in 89 more games than Jordan.

One more stat to throw at you: Jordan shot 49.7 percent from the field for his career while Bryant has shot only 45.3 percent.

Maybe you don't like stats. Maybe you feel trophies on the mantle judge greatness.

Jordan led the league in scoring 10 times. He led the league in steals three times and also was named the Defensive Player of the Year once.

Also let's not forget his five regular season MVPs and his six NBA Championships to go along with his six Finals MVPs.

Bryant has led the league in scoring twice, and while he has been named to an All-Defensive team 12 times, he has never won the Defensive Player of the Year.

While he has won five NBA Championships, he has only been named the Finals MVP twice. Bryant won the regular season MVP once.

So Jordan has the edge in the stats as well as the...
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